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Endorsed by Police, Fire Fighters, and Veterans

Endorsed by Anoka County Sheriff's Deputies
Local 222


Endorsed by Coon Rapids Professional Fire Fighters
Local 1935


Endorsed by Minneapolis Building Trades and Construction Council

building and trades council.png

Also Endorsed by the Following Individuals:

  • Jerry Koch, Coon Rapids Mayor

  • Sheri Bukkila, Andover Mayor

  • Ken Wendling, Spring Lake Park Councilmember

  • Jeff Weaver, Anoka Councilmember

  • Jerry Newton, Minnesota State Senator and Vietnam Veteran, Coon Rapids

  • Steve Wells, Retired Police Chief and Former Councilmember, Coon Rapids

  • James Hill, Retired Fridley Police Chief / Public Safety Director

  • Bryan Platz, Police Officer in Anoka County

  • Jerry Teeson, Retired Business Leader and Vietnam Veteran, Coon Rapids

  • Ed Dols, Vietnam Veteran, Ham Lake.

  • Phil Rosar, Business Owner and Vietnam Veteran, Coon Rapids

  • Dale Wills, Business Leader, Ramsey

  • John Foster and Melony Michaels, Crime Victims
    ... and more

Endorsement from Local 222 Deputy Union.PNG
Endorsement from Local 1935 FF union.PNG
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